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A Call to Action: Striving to Create a More Inclusive Culture

TNE Board of Directors |Jun 4, 2020

At its core, the Enneagram is about inner work: awareness, reflection and practice to create spaciousness for understanding, and a deep examination about who we are and what is possible. The Enneagram offers one map, among many, to illuminate the inherent good in each human as we strive to be in relationship with one another. 

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The Narrative Enneagram - David Daniels
So, Why the Enneagram?
David Daniels |Jul 12, 2010

The Enneagram is all about understanding ourselves and others; all about appreciating differences; all about reclaiming a separate self from which we can truly join in union with others; all about opening our hearts to ourselves and others in nonjudgment; and all about reclaiming and integrating in our higher qualities – all representing the work of transformation.

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